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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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‘Airport!!!’ prepares for arrival

Dancers and choreographers alike are busily preparing for “Airport!!!,” a production scheduled to hit the stage of Cordiner Hall on Friday, Dec. 9, and Saturday, Dec. 10.

Credit: Marin Axtell

The show, choreographed and directed by Adjunct Instructor of Dance Vicki Lloid, centers on movement in the setting of an airport. “Airport!!!” consists of many short segments, all of which draw on different situations involving luggage, security and other elements.

Lloid was inspired by Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music for Airports, the first “Muzak” album, released in 1978.

“He wrote music specifically to be played at airports,” said Lloid. “[‘Airport!!!’] really just came from that.”

The production blends several different styles of dance together, including jazz and modern. Many of the sequences were developed through the dancers’ improvisation and collaboration with Lloid.

In one segment, “Carry-On,” the ensemble portrays travelers and their luggage, depicting what might go wrong when we carry our things with us in airport terminals.

Another portion, titled “International Incident,” deals with serious issues in a comic way. Though it concerns security measures like racial profiling, the segment also involves slapstick and other humor.

“It’s a lighthearted look at the cultural biases that have emerged as a result of 9/11,” said junior Dave McGaughey.

“Airport!!!” also includes two segments choreographed by junior Allyson Gibson and senior Rhya Milici. Gibson’s part consists of three intimate vignettes, which center on the theme of saying goodbye in various stages of life.

Milici explained that her segment acts as a bridge between “Airport!!!” and Gibson’s work.

“It has that intimacy because it does have sort of a love duet running through it, but it has some more abstract ensemble movement, so it sort of marries those two pieces together,” said Milici.

All three pieces contain universal themes and ideas that will allow audience members to easily connect to them.

“This is a really accessible dance,” said McGaughey. “We all worked really hard, and all of our friends should come support us.”

“Airport!!!” showcases the talents of many Whitman students, giving them a chance to show a different side of themselves.

“This is a really cool opportunity to see people that you didn’t even know danced out there performing, because there are so many talents out there,” said Gibson. “I also think it’s just a cool chance for the Whitman community to see something they wouldn’t normally see: a lot of people aren’t necessarily exposed to dance all the time.”

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