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K.W.C.W. starts Spring Semester with a new line-up


From bluegrass music to humorous talk shows, Whitman’s radio station, KWCW, has an exciting spring season scheduled for the semester.

The spring 2009 lineup began on Sunday, Jan. 25, just one day after new deejays were notified about their shows.  

The new schedule includes 94 radio shows, each ranging in duration from one to two hours.

Deejays are chosen based on experience, flexibility in scheduling and their proposed show’s content.   In general though, radio shows are given to all enthusiastic applicants.

“Just having sort of an interest and a passion and a direction for your show helps a lot: something unique that might set it apart from other shows,” said Kyle Gilkeson, KWCW’s General Manager.

 “Punjab Power Hour,” hosted by first-years Sunithi Hindagolla and Simerun “Simi” Singh, is a new radio show airing this spring. Hindagolla and Singh will read excerpts from Core books and discuss them from an Eastern perspective: in pseudo-Indian accents, of course.  

The accents will add “a little humorous twist,” said Hindagolla.  


Hindagolla’s parents hail from Sri Lanka and Singh’s parents are from India. Hindagolla and Singh hope to explore their ancestry and share their background with the rest of   the campus.

“Through the radio show we’re going to learn more about our culture as well as be able to tell others about our culture,” said Hindagolla.

 Whitman seniors Erica Goad, Lauren Wenzel and Lindsay Records hope to spread their love of bluegrass music to the Whitman community. Their new radio show “The Shady Grove” pays homage to all aspects of the genre.  

“Bluegrass is for me the kind of music that just makes me really happy,” Goad said. “The point of the show is to hopefully share that kind of experience where you just feel good when you listen to it.”

KWCW Station

Whitman students aren’t the only KWCW deejays, though.

“Community members make up a fair portion of our programming,” said Gilkeson. Gilkeson estimates that five or six deejays from Walla Walla return consistently every season. Since the radio station broadcasts year-round, these Walla Walla deejays are essential to keep the station running.

Cora Davidson, the Public Affairs Field Organizer for Planned Parenthood of Central Washington, hosts the weekly “In the Know Show.” Davidson focuses on key issues of sexual health and informs listeners about Planned Parenthood’s current initiatives.  

 “It’s a valuable resource to have on the airwaves,” said Gilkeson of Davidson’s program.

KWCW is committed to creating an accessible radio station that reflects the needs of the community. This commitment explains the number of new deejays on the Spring 2009 line-up.  

“As a free-format radio station we try to make our programming as diverse, eclectic and compelling as possible and so a large part of that is allowing anyone with any level of experience to apply for a show,” said Gilkeson.

KWCW is transmitted by radio within 15 miles of campus (90.5 F.M.).  

Check out KWCW’s Web site (www.kwcw.net) for live streaming and more details about the spring 2009 schedule.  

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