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The Circuit is a quarterly feature magazine created by the staff of The Pioneer. The Circuit allows our staff to experiment with long-form journalism, photos essays, and general interest pieces not constrained by one specific field. Issues are generally centered on a theme. The Circuit is published in print and online; issues are available for free on campus and through subscription. The magazine was founded in fall 2011 through a generous donation from alumna Megan Medica ’81 and her husband John Medica.

Circuit 10 cover
Issue 10, The Organic Issue: April 2014

Circuit 9 cover
Issue 9, The Food Issue: December 2013

Circuit 8 cover
Issue 8, The Back to School Issue: August 2013

Circuit 7 cover
Issue 7, The Graduation Issue: May 2013

Circuit 6 cover
Issue 6, The Progression Issue: March 2013

Circuit 5 cover
Issue 5, The Community Issue: November 2012

Circuit 4 cover
Issue 4, The Back to School Issue: August 2012

Circuit 3 cover
Issue 3, The Graduation Issue: May 2012

Circuit 2 cover
Issue 2, November 2012

Circuit 1 cover
Issue 1: October 2012

Whitman news since 1896
Circuit Catalog