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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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    Whittie of the Week: Jeff Wilson

    1. Full name?
    Jeffrey Doerann “Q” Wilsonhisada-07fa-li20071011-web01.jpg

    2. Age?

    3. Best-known for?
    T-sports, T-tones, Band Before time, student body president and for Jewett Room 330. The sickest freshman parties of all time were thrown there, and every class since then has gotten progressively worse at it. Take a look at the security report that just came out, then find 2004. It’s science.

    4.What was the last dream you had?
    ASWC paid Jenna Jameson to come speak on campus. That’s all I remember.

    5. Have you ever broken the law? If not, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever done/prank you’ve ever pulled?
    No. Though my senior “party” back in Montana did result in 45 MIPs. I went but didn’t get one. Somethin’ about my pertey mouth.
    Also, there was that time that we set hobo spiders loose in Prentiss.

    6. What word makes you cringe when you hear it?
    Too, at the end of a sentence. e.g. “I want to go to the Beta House, TOO.” It sounds like you’re ending your sentence with a preposition. Apparently that’s allowed in the “vernacular” now, but I still don’t like it. I use “also” instead; you should use also, also.

    7. Ninjas or pirates?
    Pirates. Actually, a dream of mine was always to be a renegade pirate wizard (think Johnny Depp+Harry Potter) sailing the high seas in pursuit of plunderous booty.

    8. What’s your spirit animal?
    River otter.

    9. If you could be any celebrity woman who would you be and why?
    Jennifer Anniston –> duh! the hair!

    10. What is the meaning of life?
    Figuring out what you think is funny. And actively participating in a particular view of how the world works. Actually, never mind. It’s definitely prolonging life through science for absolutely as long as possible. Quantity over quality, as good ole Abe Lincoln used to say.

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