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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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The Circuit: Minding the Gap

From The Wire’s leadership:

The Wire’s editorial board selected “Minding the Gap: What’s Getting Left Out” for the theme of this year’s edition of The Circuit. The Circuit is The Wire’s annual end-of-year magazine where editors, staff members and students have the opportunity to contribute to any section of the paper they want no matter their job title. Following the publication of 20 print newspaper issues this academic year, The Circuit allows experimentation with magazine-style journalism as well as new forms of writing and podcasting under an important umbrella theme. 

As journalists, exclusion is always at the forefront of our minds: we are constantly considering what is being reported on, whose voices are being amplified and what we can do to mend those disparities. We hoped reporters would use this space to discuss topics that aren’t often discussed and represent communities that The Wire doesn’t typically have the opportunity to represent.

We’re grateful for the continued support of The Wire’s readership and to all staff members for their hard work as student journalists. As we transition out of our leadership roles, we’re optimistic about The Wire’s future in keeping the campus and community informed and telling the stories that aren’t often told. It has been an honor to serve as The Wire’s leadership team this past year.

Abby Malzewski and Zac Bentz

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, 2022-2023



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On their own by Audrey Marthin

“196 international students call Whitman home, and their experiences are as diverse and variable as they are. Marthin looks to understand the college experience for international students who find themselves literally on their own in the United States, as one of a few or the only representative from their home country. Audrey speaks to four international students hailing from underrepresented countries, as well as Quin Nelson, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Antiracism (DEIA) Program Coordinator to discuss locating community, diversity on campus and future directions.”