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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
Whitman news since 1896

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Cuh Dey Board vs Cat Whiskers: Our Content Communities

Bex Heimbrock, Opinion Columnist November 2, 2023

In Dec. 2018, DanandPhilGAMES, the fastest growing YouTube channel at the time, went on an indefinite hiatus. A year later, after a long period of silence, both Dan Howell and Phil Lester (or Dan and Phil...

The Cruelty of an Online Childhood

Faith Crossan, Opinion Columnist September 14, 2023

I’d like for you to think of your guardian. The person who held your chubby fingers as you took your first steps, the one who helped you perfect the bunny-ear loop of tying your shoes. Think of those...

Advice for the closeted fan of ASMR

Lee Thomas, famous and attractive with many devoted fans March 25, 2021

Dear LT, I’ll admit it: I actually like ASMR. It puts me to sleep, it relaxes me, AND it helps me study. But in Penrose Library, I spend more time paranoid about the people passing by and seeing what...

Senior John Lee Creates Whitman’s Own Sitcom

Megan Hearst April 7, 2016
"Saturdays" is the brainchild of Whitman student John Lee.

Numbers in the news

Shelly Le April 12, 2012
Numbers in the news is a weekly feature highlighting numbers and statistics of interest to college students.
Photo update (3/1/12 9:30 p.m.)

Production night liveblog

Cara Lowry March 2, 2012
A typical Wednesday night for "Pio" Managing Editor, senior Cara Lowry.

Industry insiders speak on music business in crisis

caitlinhardee December 1, 2011
On Friday, Nov. 11, it was announced that EMI Music would be acquired by Universal Music Group, while EMI Publishing will be absorbed by Sony. The Pioneer spoke to a range of industry insiders and music lovers on these developments and their implications for a struggling business.
Credit: Sloane

Vlogging further bastardizes Web media

joeykern November 15, 2009
A line should be drawn when people can receive ad money for things as silly, trivial and inherently second-rate as amateur vlogging.
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