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Ankeny Field: 112 Years of Leisure

Photo by Tywen Kelly

Josh Ward, Staff Reporter

April 7, 2016

For over a hundred years, Ankeny Field has been the host of such gatherings and has been an important part of Whitman campus’ life and culture.

Oh yeah, I forgot, the yearbook

Matt Raymond

April 25, 2013

After the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) narrowly voted against decommissioning Waiilatpu, the college's yearbook, various students across campus reported that, oh yeah, guess we have a yearbook at Whitman again. Although Waiilatpu will receive much less funding than its supporters...

High hopes for Missionaries crushed by erratic success, striking violence in sport

lllustration: Emily Johnson

Matt Tesmond

September 29, 2011

Three thousand people are crammed into Borleske field, wildly cheering and chanting, "Kill him! Kill him!" at the collegiate men seeking to batter, bruise and destroy opponents on the field in the search of an elusive victory. This was Whitman football in its prime. For most Whitties today, this scene ...

Football controversy: Sudden end of declining program in 1977 vexes Whitman community

Pamela London

September 29, 2011

On any busy fall weekend, students on Ankeny Field see trailing flags pulled from the waists of eager flag football players dressed in tie-dye and sporting bright orange mouth guards. A pulled flag stops the panting players for a moment before the game starts up again to the cheers of a few dozen fans....

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