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Dissecting accessibility within outdoor recreation

Students participate in a workshop at P&P, engaging in conversation about accessibility within outdoor recreation and the Outdoor Program. Photos by Thomas Lemoine

Ryder Brookes, Sports Reporter

February 27, 2020

While many Whitman students benefit from the Outdoor Program (OP), many have questioned whether resources and trips are accessible and, if so, who benefits from them. This was the topic of a session held at this year’s Power & Privilege Symposium titled, "Whitman’s Outdoor Program: Bridge or Barr...

Unpacking Whitman’s Outdoor Program

Unpacking Whitman's Outdoor Program

Kathleen Daly-Jensen, Sports Reporter

October 27, 2016

“The outdoor program fosters personal growth, facilitates learning and creates recreational opportunities through skills and risk management training, leadership development and environmentally sound trips in a supportive community.” This is the Whitman College Outdoor Program’s mission and...

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