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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Contested new cell tower proposed for near Blue Mountain Community Church

Baran Abbasi and Sebastian Squire February 29, 2024

The new cell tower proposed to go up near the Blue Mountain Community Church raised concerns from residents regarding the cell tower's effects on health, safety and environmental aesthetics. According...

ACLU Criticizes Walla Walla City Council’s Broad Comment Policy

Baran Abbasi, News Reporter February 8, 2024

On Oct. 25, 2023, Walla Walla City Council unanimously approved a new public comment policy, which caused concern to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), due to the negative potential impacts that...

Illustration by Payton Davies

November 2023 Walla Walla Elections Results

Kasey Moulton, Editor-in-Chief November 9, 2023

Nov. 7 marked Election Day for eligible voters nationwide. Although no federal seats appeared on local ballots, this year served as a key moment for municipal and county-level elected positions. Voter...

Pasco City Council Member Irving Brown: Confronting Racism in Washington’s History

Nazaaha Penick, News Editor September 28, 2023

Pasco City Council member Irving Brown Sr. faced a series of racist attacks during his campaign to retain his District 3 city council seat. The first incident occurred in January when an anonymous racist...

Illustration by M Hu.

Walla Walla housing crisis continues

Nazaaha Penick, News Reporter February 23, 2023

Walla Walla continues to face a housing affordability crisis as soaring rents and home prices leave many residents struggling to find affordable housing options that fit their budget. Local officials,...

Photo by Nathaniel Martin.

Walla Walla local elections wrap-up

Naia Willemsen, News Reporter November 18, 2021

Tuesday, Nov. 2 marked election day around the country, including here in Walla Walla. Voters were casting their ballot to fill five local positions: city council positions one (south ward), two (central...

WWPD Chief of Police announces retirement

WWPD Chief of Police announces retirement

Abby Malzewski and Rosa Woolsey, News Editors November 11, 2021

  On Oct. 29, the City of Walla Walla published a news update that announced Walla Walla Police Department Chief Scott Bieber’s retirement. Chief Bieber is set to retire on April 30, 2022. The...

Walla Walla City Council and School Board elections approach

Naia Willemsen, Reporter September 30, 2021

While 2021 is not a major election year, there is still an opportunity to vote in the Walla Walla City Council and school board race. Many Whitman students face the question of where they can vote....

Photo by Bridget Kennedy.

Outdoor dining ‘streateries’ in downtown approved for another three years

Abby Main, Staff Reporter April 29, 2021

The Walla Walla City Council unanimously voted on April 14 to keep “streateries” — the extended outdoor dining downtown — for another three years under a new set of guidelines.  The approved...

Illustration by Shasta Soles.

Walla Walla suspends plastic recycling over costly contamination

Tejashree Jadhav, Staff Reporter February 18, 2021

Walla Walla residents can no longer recycle plastic. On Oct. 14, 2020, the Walla Walla City Council decided to pause plastic recycling, starting in 2021. The suspension will be reevaluated in 2023 if the...

2019 elections for Walla Walla City Council will be the first elections in Walla Walla under the new ward system.

Moss and Saturno battle it out over Seat 7 on the city council

Emma Fletcher-Frazer, News Editor September 26, 2019

This election year, three out of the seven positions on the Walla Walla City Council are up for election. Seat 7 is the only position this year that is at-large, meaning that the candidate can come from...

Candidate Marilee McQuarrie. Photo by Taj Howe

City Council Candidates Address Housing Issues

Kate Grumbles, News Editor October 19, 2017

This Friday, Oct. 20, ballots go out for the election of three city council seats in Walla Walla county. The six candidates running for these seats have been reaching out to the community through various...

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