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Op-Ed: Why Did Legislation to get the Diversity and Inclusion Director a Vote Fail?

November 16, 2017

At ASWC Senate this weekend we considered a piece of legislation that would see the newly created position of Diversity and Inclusion Director become a position elected by the entire student body. This...

ASWC Tables Diversity Vote

Photo by Taj Howe
November 15, 2017

ASWC has yet to make a decision on a piece of legislation that would make the Director of Diversity and Inclusion a voting member. Legislation has been drafted, support gained, but no decision has been...

Top 8 Reasons People Didn’t Vote This Election Season

November 17, 2016

Close to 43 percent of eligible voters did not cast a ballot during last week’s election. Obviously, those 95 million fully-fledged adults must have had good reason to stay home, right? Sure enough,...

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