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Connections and new beginnings: Transferring to Whitman

Connections and new beginnings: Transferring to Whitman

Emma Foley, Feature Writer

September 30, 2019

One-third of college students will transfer schools at least once. I remember reading this statistic while parsing through the Google results for “how to know if you should transfer,” a phrase I hesitantly searched in October of my first year of college and would many more times before I finally...

Transfer Athletes Find Their Home

Jordan O’Roy, Staff Reporter

February 22, 2018

Whitman has 13 Varsity Sports, 254 varsity athletes, and of those athletes only eight are transfer students. Whitman’s transfer admission rate is an astonishing 35 percent, as students across the globe are searching to find a new home in which they can pursue their academic goals. However, for stu...

Finding new home makes for difficult transition

Martina Pansze

September 25, 2014

Most students in higher education would consider it a nightmare to relive the college application process, but some brave souls managed to once again navigate the mess of school tours and Common Application essays that landed them at Whitman. Junior Alexandra Sigouin transferred to Whitman from Emily...

Cities make or break college campuses

Audrey Kelly

September 25, 2014

Students transferring to and from Whitman College worry about more than the campus when deciding to try a new place. For some, location can make or break a college experience. "College is a short time and oftentimes an expensive time, and all students should continue questioning where they are so...

Fewer transfer students admitted for Spring 2011, Jan Start group relatively small

Shelly Le

January 27, 2011

This semester, 13 new first-year students along with three transfer students accepted admission to Whitman College. According to Director of Admission Kevin Dyerly, Whitman typically has a spring class of somewhere between 20 and 25 students, 10 to 15 of whom are transfers. However, an unusually large...

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