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Illustration by Shasta Soles.

The internet is an American geopolitical weapon

Michael Conlin-Elsen, Columnist April 9, 2021

The history of the internet receives little attention in America. We sort of think computers became popular in the 80s, that the internet came about in the mid-90s and everybody lived happily ever after...

Illustration by Hannah Paul

How corporations threaten your privacy

Claire Maurer, Columnist February 13, 2020

Throwing caution to the wind regarding personal privacy seems to be common reaction of many to that fact that any reality of privacy seems far from our grasp. I've heard this when people claim to have...

Illustration by Nathaly Perez

Student Surveillance Soars to Sensational State!

Anthony Reale, Moistest Envelope Licker '73 February 8, 2019

After an extensive research project, The Wire has uncovered a shocking crime perpetrated by the administration.  The crime — student surveillance — was committed by Director of Bullhorns, Mad Lib...

Whitman Enters Uncharted Waters in the Digital Realm

Chris Hankin, News Editor October 12, 2017

Whitman College is updating the Tech Services Privacy Policy. Most recently revised in 2006, the new draft will receive input from faculty, staff, administrators, and the College’s Information Security...

Police Cameras Offer Answers

Police Cameras Offer Answers

Andy Monserud October 23, 2013

Those readers I haven't had the pleasure of meeting in person should know that I proudly represent St. Paul, Minn. To those who don't care, I hope you'll forgive me for discussing a topic that's quite...

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