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Sneezing in the Quiet Room: 5 Tips to Recover the Respect of Your Peers

Winston Weigand

March 30, 2017

If you’ve ever found yourself in the quiet room of Whitman College’s Penrose Library, then you certainly understand the severity of generating a sound louder than five decibels. For clarity, five decibels is quieter than the flustered breathing of a first-year girl who is perusing the Facebook page...

Sunshine Disrupts Senior Hibernation

Sunshine Disrupts Senior Hibernation

Melina Hughes

February 27, 2014

I am a senior. It is second semester. This means long days and longer nights of sitting in my room, the library or the basement of Reid, drinking too much coffee and pouring over notes for writtens, orals and the most dreaded thesis. It being February, I was prepared for the dark and cold days to help drive and keep me inside, focused and st...

Know Your Campus Cults!

Know Your Campus Cults!

Dana Thompson

November 17, 2011

"The Partiers" Characteristics: Going out every night from Thursday to Saturday Dancing or otherwise gyrating to music (preferably turned up high enough to make the brain liquify and spill out the ears) Devoted worshiping of the deity known only as "Shots" "The Devoted Students" Characteristics: An...

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