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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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Photo by Sailor Harris

Uncovering the Underground System Maintaining Whitman’s Greenery

Nat Lange, Science & Environment Writer October 5, 2023

If you walk around campus enough, you will eventually run into a sprinkler, perhaps even get sprayed by one. The small circular heads pop out of the ground with no warning, spraying water indiscriminately...

Illustration: Eddy Vazquez

Sprinklers: A first-hand account

Dana Thompson October 20, 2011
A special, first-person look at a student's plight against sprinklers.
Credit: Catie Bergman

Physical plant waters down concerns about sprinkler use

Allison Work September 22, 2011
Frequent sprinkler use on campus has led some students to raise concerns about water conservation at a purportedly environmentally-friendly school. However, physical plant employees assure students that the sprinkler system is sustainable.
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