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Faith, Future, and the Eclipse

Illustration by Catalina Burch
September 17, 2017

Rewind to the eclipse frenzy before school started, with people looking up confusedly with some snazzy patterned glasses, or looking through a slit in a large cardboard box. It was a time when people were...

Calling out Whitman College

Illustration by Eric Rannestad
April 13, 2017

On campus, it is generally accepted as a given that ‘privilege’ and ‘entitlement’ are definitively bad. Especially after an event like the Power and Privilege Symposium, words that, in and...

A Prison Sentence Impacts Many

December 8, 2016

It’s not news to say that our criminal justice system is broken. The United States constitutes 5 percent of the world’s population, but 25 percent of that population are imprisoned individuals, the...

The curious case of Colin Kaepernick

Illustration by Meg Cuca
September 29, 2016

The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly and the right to petition. Recent events suggest that there might be some ‘exclusion’ to these rights when the views...

Fuccbois Have Rights Too

April 7, 2016
The way I see it, a major problem presents itself when people begin to say, “fuccbois all act a certain way.” Because how is that any different than the high school mentality of judging nerds for needing glases?

Clinton Leads Sanders in Effort to End Racism

March 10, 2016
When Hillary Clinton called for greater accountability during her speech in Harlem, it was a groundbreaking moment.

In Search of the Transcendent Icebreaker

October 28, 2015

Illustration by Catalina Burch. Starting conversations is an uncomfortable business. Enunciating words requires a concerted effort, while excessive eye contact with the wrong fellow is liable to result...

I’m basic, and you probably are too.

I’m basic, and you probably are too.
October 22, 2015

Illustration by Luke Hampton. The seasons are changing! Fall has fallen and girls all over America are sticking their lower extremities into black Lululemon leggings, knee socks, and leather boots....

Not Everyone is Beautiful

October 7, 2015
Implicit in saying that “everyone is beautiful” is the notion that everyone needs to be beautiful.

Shanesha Taylor’s Case Displays Need for Change in Justice System

April 17, 2014

Shanesha Taylor, a 35-year-old single mother in Arizona, was recently arrested and charged on two counts of child abuse. She wasn't arrested for hitting her children or abandoning her children for days...

Virgins Are Immoral

Virgins Are Immoral
March 28, 2013

I'm sick of hearing it around campus, "He's cool ... I mean, she/he is a virgin." These people are so uninformed. Obviously these kinds of ingrates do not realize that virgins are not people, people. If...

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