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Whitman athletics facilities set to reopen

Whitman athletics facilities set to reopen

Tate Cadang, Staff Reporter

October 15, 2020

Since the campus-wide shutdown, Whitman students have been unable to visit the various athletic facilities. This week, however, these facilities will be reopening to some students. The Baker Ferguson Fitness Center [BFFC], is one of the facilities set to reopen on a limited basis, along with Harvey Pool, Sherwood Athletic Center, the outdoor tennis courts, Borleske Stadium/Hitting...

Whitties shed pre-finals stress during weekend competitions

Matt Tesmond

May 3, 2012

Last weekend, with less than two weeks before finals begin, Whitties got out their stress by climbing, playing volleyball and getting fierce on the soccer field. In Sherwood Athletic Center this past Saturday, Whitman hosted the 20th annual Sweet Onion Crank. With over 150 competitors from 10 d...

Tune out the Racquet, Squash it

J. Staten Hudson

December 1, 2009

With all the hubbub surrounding Sherwood Athletic Center's new, state-of-the-art climbing wall, improved training room facilities and team locker room space for varsity programs, one of the most important improvements seems to have been pushed to the way-side: resurfaced squash courts! I understand...

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