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Illustration by Nick Rogers.

Most Marxist footwear: Chacos, Birks or Blunds?

Sam Huston, Barefoot Enthusiast March 4, 2021

It is said that the feet of the haute bourgeoisie are the quickest to walk towards revolution. But what exactly adorns these feet when they tramp around Whitman campus? This question lies in the heart...

Photo by Anna Dawson

Sanders Promotes Realistic Solutions to Fundamental Problems

Olivia Gilbert, Columnist February 18, 2016
While Bernie proposes solutions that promote fundamental changes to the political system, Hillary offers little in the way of systemic change.
Sin-counters Revolution Begins

Sin-counters Revolution Begins

Tara McCulloch April 17, 2014

The ever so clever 2014 first-year class has come up with a new way to get through Encounters: drinking. The mastermind behind the trend, Sandy Caine, described how it came into fruition. "I...

Comedian Russell Brand Raises Important Issues

Comedian Russell Brand Raises Important Issues

Bill Landefeld October 31, 2013

Do you ever think about what you would say if a BBC news anchor interviewed you? Would you take the opportunity to talk about why you never vote, the growing income gap around the world, your former...

Fall TV lineup review

Mallory Martin September 6, 2012

School is starting and you all know what that means: time for the start of fall's new TV lineup! With so many shows up to the bat and so much buzz, it can be hard to pick out what's worth watching and...

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