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New Member of Scientology Surprised to Find Thetan Isn’t Satan with a Lisp: Tom Cruithe’th Thecret Comesth to Life

Rebecca Gluck, Life Choicer
February 16, 2017
Filed under Humor

When Ron Hughes first beheld the brilliant blue Las Vegas motel that is the Church of Scientology, he was in awe. The building seemed to have an aura of holiness around it, aided by cameras that shifted constantly. Hughes felt at home and couldn’t wait to join the line of people who were smiling and b...

Senior Thesis Profiles

Natalie Berg
May 18, 2015
Filed under Circuit

Many seniors have spent this year researching and writing theses in their major. The Pioneer spoke to three of these seniors about their projects. Nate Higby - Sociology The Pioneer: Tell me about the subject of your sociology thesis. Nate Higby: My thesis is looking at the relationship betwe...

Include Christians in diversity conversation

Christopher Hankin
February 19, 2015
Filed under Columnists, OPINION

The class of 2018 has entered Whitman amid backlash at the school for a lack of diversity, both racial and economic. The student body expressed its dissatisfaction with admissions policies by staging protests like the "Créme de la Créme" piece on the steps of Memorial Hall and the Encounters walkout...

Sports are the new religion for many Americans

Zan McPherson
February 5, 2015
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Immediately upon the Seahawks' glorious and absurdly lucky win against the Green Bay Packers a few weeks ago, I called my twin brother in Seattle only to hear an ear-assaulting flood of laughing and screaming surrounded by distant firework explosions. "Zan... I'm just, I'm just running around outside....

Lack of religious presence on campus complicates celebration

Lack of religious presence on campus complicates celebration

Audrey Kelly
October 16, 2014
Filed under FEATURE

Illustration by Sophie Cooper-Ellis. It's the people, not the perks, that are important to Whitman students when it comes to religious holidays. Celebrating with the people they know is what is important to Whitman students, not decadent meals and days off of school, especially when their holidays don't line...


Serena Runyan
March 20, 2014
Filed under Living in History, Web Only

Jerusalem is a holy city. A bridge between the material and the spiritual. Many would say between the earth and the heavens. But what is holy?: "Connected to a god or a religion/ religious and morally good" –– Merriam-Webster. As I walk home through the botanical gardens on a warm Thursday after...

Homelessness Activists Address Cold Weather

Homelessness Activists Address Cold Weather

Andy Monserud
February 20, 2014
Filed under Community, Front Page Slideshow, NEWS

In the face of cold temperatures and heavy snowfall earlier this winter, homeless men and women in Walla Walla found themselves well cared for. Volunteers and community leaders converted the First Congregational Church on Palouse Avenue into an emergency warming center for the city's homeless. ...

Finally Settled

Serena Runyan
January 30, 2014
Filed under Living in History, Web Only

I'm sitting in my apartment in Jerusalem, Israel, where I am studying abroad this semester at Hebrew University with the DOME program: Dynamics of the Middle East. I came here primarily for the academic content of my program: politics, religion, peace and conflict, etc.- to fix the knowledge gap I have...

Mystics Discuss Spirituality at Local Church

Mystics Discuss Spirituality at Local Church

Emma Dahl
November 7, 2013
Filed under A&E, Front Page Slideshow

It's a quiet Wednesday morning at the First Congregational Church located just across Mill Creek from the Whitman College campus. The church is mostly empty, but in a little room around the corner from the main sanctuary, a small group of people is meeting to discuss spiritual aspects of world r...

Finding Faith: Lack of Religious Dialogue on Campus

Finding Faith: Lack of Religious Dialogue on Campus

Hannah Bartman
October 23, 2013
Filed under Front Page Slideshow, NEWS, News Highlight

"Why do we come here?" said Father Pedro Bautista-Peraza at the Sunday, Oct. 20 morning Mass in St. Patrick's Church on West Poplar Street in Walla Walla. "Why?" This question of action is at the root of all decisions, religious and nonreligious alike, but when it comes to religion on Whitman College's...

Better Together Club Encourages Open Dialogue Between Religions

Better Together Club Encourages Open Dialogue Between Religions

Maegan Nelson
February 14, 2013
Filed under NEWS

Last Wednesday evening a group of about a dozen individuals gathered on the top floor of the GAC to share a loaf of banana bread and discuss the afterlife. The discussion was the first meeting of a new club founded by first-year Leda Zakarison called Better Together, meant to encourage more on-campus...

Spirituality fosters inclusive community

Talia Rudee
February 16, 2012
Filed under FEATURE

Whitman is a secular school. However, for many Whitties, religion and spirituality are important in their personal development and contributions to campus life. The college website states: "A Whitman education involves deep and lasting learning in an academic community comprised of people with vari...

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