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Top 8 Reasons People Didn’t Vote This Election Season

Jeffrey Gustaveson, Humor Writer

November 17, 2016

Close to 43 percent of eligible voters did not cast a ballot during last week’s election. Obviously, those 95 million fully-fledged adults must have had good reason to stay home, right? Sure enough, here are the top reasons people didn’t vote: Got really swamped signing online petitions to ...

In Search of the Transcendent Icebreaker

Tino Mori, Columnist

October 28, 2015

Illustration by Catalina Burch. Starting conversations is an uncomfortable business. Enunciating words requires a concerted effort, while excessive eye contact with the wrong fellow is liable to result in unwanted fisticuffs. Worst of all, conversations always open with the scripted agony of small talk. “How are yo...

WikiLeaks initiates war between citizens and government

WikiLeaks initiates war between citizens and government


December 9, 2010

Following Google's retreat from mainland China, WikiLeaks is provoking another war between the citizens and their government. Over 250,000 classified cables from U.S. embassies have been released to The New York Times, the Guardian and three other media organizations. The cables detailed the instructions...

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