Whitman Wire

Students embrace “dicks out for Harambe”

Illustration by Taylor Penner-Ash

Ben Freedman, humor page editor

October 20, 2016

  Nearly five months have passed since the world lost Harambe, our last true hero. In honor of this milestone, The Wire turned to Whitties to recall the legacy of our fallen gorilla comrade. In a recent string of interviews, students were asked to shed their own insight into our generation’s simple but poigna...

How to Stand Out at Whitman

Illustration by Taylor Penner-Ash

Megumi Rierson and writer

September 22, 2016

Going to Whitman can sometimes feel like going to school in a fishbowl of millennials that all look like various permutations of the same clean-cut, upper class millennial hive mother. Everywhere you look it seems like more and more Birkenstock-clad intellectuals in over-sized jean jackets and Free People bra...

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