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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Timber Culture Exhibit Showcases Black History in the PNW

Holly VanVoorhis, Campus Life Reporter March 7, 2024

Timber Culture, a traveling exhibit from the Maxville Heritage and Interpretive Center (MHIC) in Joseph, Oregon, is currently on display in the Maxey Museum. The exhibit features historic photographs of...

Photo by Chloe Collins.

“Mapping India” exhibition takes history fanatics on a new route

Sam Patterson, Campus Life Reporter February 9, 2023

Maxey Museum is now showcasing an abundance of Indian maps. You may walk by and see one map after another, thinking that they’re just the same picture with different dimensions. If you take a closer...

Photo by Bridget Kennedy

At the intersection of art and environmental activism: Maya Lin’s Confluence Project comes to Maxey Museum

Mo Dow, A&E Reporter May 6, 2021

At six sites stand markers for historical points of settler colonial and Indigenous interaction. In dialogue with the commemorations of Lewis and Clark’s expedition is the Confluence Project, a series...

Encountering Marcus and Narcissa

Emma Fletcher-Frazer, Staff Reporter October 1, 2018

In response to the defacement of the Narcissa Whitman painting and the Marcus Whitman statue that stands just off campus, the Encounters syllabus committee added a new unit this year. The unit centers...

A Proper Monument a joint faculty and student curated exhibit in Maxey Museum, adds to the discourse surrounding the defacement of the Whitmans monuments. It featured the restored Narcissa Whitman portrait, here hung upside down with an accompanying definition of vandalism.

A Proper Monument? Narcissa Whitman Exhibit

Zoe Brown, Staff Reporter April 19, 2018

Avisual exploration of the discourse surrounding the Whitman family makes its home in Maxey Museum’s newest exhibit, “A Proper Monument?”, which opened on April 11 and will remain up until May 5. The...

Photo by Taj Howe

“Celilo: Progress Versus Protest” Opens in Maxey Museum

Emma Chung, Staff Reporter September 28, 2017

The new exhibit in the Maxey Museum, “Celilo: Progress Versus Protest,” shines light on marginalized voices of American history. Curated by the staff at Tamástslikt Cultural Institute in Pendleton,...

Artifacts fly under campus radar

Hannah Bartman October 25, 2012
Many of the exhibits on campus fly under the radar of many students, ranking as features of the college that people have heard of but not actually taken the time to see--but they deserve to be seen.
Illustration: Ruth Hwang

Maxey Museum to return Native American remains

Emily Lin-Jones April 5, 2012
Whitman's Maxey Museum’s proprietors brought some of them to light last month when they discovered a box containing human remains and items thought to have been taken from Native American burial sites along the Columbia and Snake Rivers.
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