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Dining Halls Divide Students

Ben Caldwell

May 8, 2014

The debate about which dining hall is best is always on, particularly among first-years on campus. It's not uncommon to hear arguments around campus about which dining halls have the best food, best seating, best atmosphere and best service––sometimes involving vehement attacks on one dining hall. Anyone...

Lyman Menu Change Provokes Student Response

Lyman Menu Change Provokes Student Response

Hannah Bartman

September 26, 2013

A food truck has rolled into Whitman College and has taken the place of Lyman Dining Hall. Beginning in the 2013 school year, Whitman's food catering service, Bon Appétit, will create one internationally themed dish to serve every meal for two weeks in Lyman Dining Hall in replica of a "food truck." "I fel...

Crawlspaces generate myths, serve purpose

Adam Brayton

December 6, 2012

Some say it was once a morgue, while others tell tales that someone managed to live there. One thing is for certain: The Catacombs do exist. The Catacombs are a glorified name for the series of subterranean rooms that connect the basements of Jewett Hall and Lyman House, and are home to a host of...

Guide to common campus nicknames and landmarks

Allison Work

August 23, 2012

You find yourself in an unknown place, overwhelmed by the action, dazed and confused. Maybe you know this feeling; maybe this, your arrival at Whitman, is your first experience with it. While Whitman is by no means a large campus, the local lingo and affectionate campus aficionados can be a lot to...

Comprehensive guide to campus housing options

Mallory Martin

March 13, 2012

With on-campus housing deadlines looming after spring break, I have taken it upon myself to help YOU get as prepared as possible for the housing crunch. So what are your options? Check out my Housing Profiles below. Unless otherwise specified, applications for specific residence halls are part of ...

Memorial seismic upgrade, more construction predicted

Credit: David Jacobson

Shelly Le

September 8, 2011

Though the last major earthquake to hit Walla Walla was in 1936 and seismic activity in the region remains fairly low, Whitman construction managers aren't taking any chances. This summer, Whitman seismically upgraded Memorial, making the building more structurally sound in the event of an earthquake. The ...

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