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Clinton Leads Sanders in Effort to End Racism

Ben Shoemake, Columnist

March 10, 2016

When Hillary Clinton called for greater accountability during her speech in Harlem, it was a groundbreaking moment.

Climate Change’s Intersectionality

Climate Change's Intersectionality

Alya Bohr, Columnist

February 11, 2016

At the end of the day, the sad truth remains that climate change – though universal and all-encompassing – doesn’t affect us all universally.

Redefining feminism fosters campus conversation about broader inequalities

Redefining feminism fosters campus conversation about broader inequalities

Hillary Smith

October 9, 2014

Illustration by Tyle Schuh. Recently I watched an interview that MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry conducted with Roxane Gay, author of a book entitled "Bad Feminist." It struck me as an interesting concept, since I personally don't believe in the idea of a "good feminist." Some of the "bad feminist" acti...

Whitman Inequality Map

Illustration: Eddy Vazquez

Dana Thompson

December 1, 2011

When I'm walking around campus, I've got prospies coming up to me, saying, "You have so many different kinds of inequality on campus. How can I tell which are socially acceptable and which are not?" Well, I am always here to help prospies (and to awkwardly stare at those touring groups on my way to cl...

The Whitman Inequality Quiz

Tabor Martinsen

December 1, 2011

1) 3   > 5. True or False. 2) 4 B's > 1 A. True or False. 3) 8 hrs of sleep   > 8 hrs of Harry Potter books on tape. True of False. 4) 3-hr Chem Lab > 30 min. of "Days of Our Lives." True of False. 5) 1 real friend   > 100 Facebook friends that you don't know. True...

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