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Recapping the Summer Movie Season

Eric Anderson, A&E Editor

September 8, 2016

More than any other summer in recent memory, the current summer season has proved deeply troubling for the state of the film industry, in regards to the quality of films, the kinds of films that were released, and which films were rewarded and which fell flat with audiences. Arguably, the mo...

Movie Review: “Paper Tigers” Documentary

Movie Review: “Paper Tigers” Documentary

Eric Anderson and Martina Pansze

December 10, 2015

The documentary “Paper Tigers” focuses on a topic most people agree upon; would anyone explicitly suggest that it’s a bad thing for teens suffering from toxic stress to receive help instead of punishment? The danger, then, with this kind of documentary filmmaking is not creating a product with...

Movie Review: “Beasts of No Nation” features remarkable acting, bleak premise

Eric Anderson, Staff Writer

November 17, 2015

The first direct-to-Netflix film is a chilling, powerful affair, with some of the best novice acting put on screen.

The Post-Mumblecore Brilliance of “The Color Wheel”

Vincent Warne

November 8, 2014

After hearing so much positive buzz about Alex Ross Perry's new film "Listen up Philip", I decided to give his second film, "The Color Wheel", a spin. I had the opportunity to watch the film a while ago, but passed it up, writing it off as just another mumblecore film about aimless twenty-somethings....

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