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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Photo by Aidan Tribolet.

The Sounds of the People awaken hip-hop on campus

Sam Patterson, Campus Life Reporter March 2, 2023

If you walk up Main Street on a Saturday night, you can often hear live music pouring out of various wineries and bars. If, however, you realize that all of the music sounds similar and everyone performing...

Modernizing Classical Music

Jack Fleming December 7, 2017

The problem with classical music today has nothing to do with the music itself. Rather, notable flaws in the presentation and accessibility of this genre are what must be addressed in order for it to be...

The Best Tracks on “Lemonade”

Martina Pansze, A&E Editor April 28, 2016
Last weekend, Beyoncé released her sixth album “Lemonade” on HBO. Here are some of the tracks that stuck out.
KWCW Show of the Week

KWCW Show of the Week

Megan Hearst October 28, 2015
“Aquamira” does not adhere to a specific genre, but plays upon the tastes of its hosts.

Trio of Hip-Hop Musicians to Come to Campus for Spring Concert

Emma Dahl February 27, 2014
This Thursday, Feb. 27, three hip-hop artists will be performing in the Reid Campus Center Ballroom for the Whitman Events Board big spring concert.

On Action Bronson and Misogyny

Quin Nelson October 30, 2013
In a hip-hop landscape teeming with entertaining characters, Action Bronson is one of my favorites. He is a fat, bearded Albanian from Queens who took up rapping a few years ago after leaving his career as a chef. Through the handful of mixtapes he’s put out, Bronson has cooked up a character for himself, who boasts preposterously of his outrageous good looks, gambling prowess, and athleticism, while mixing in plenty of references to fine cuisine and ‘90’s sports stars.
Illustration by Julie Peterson

Whitman and Mainstream Hip-Hop: Gender Battlegrounds

Matt Raymond March 21, 2013
Hip Hop came from humble roots, but over its 30 year evolution, sexism has become a greater part of the music in the genre's mainstream.

I Still Love H.E.R.: Common and Extended Metaphor

Matt Raymond March 8, 2013
Matt Raymond explores the use of metaphor in music, asking the question, "Is metaphor an aspect of something writers might call “style”, or is it just something we do?"

Heartbreak, Ghosts and Reverse Chronology: the Incredible Literary Achievement of ‘Undun’

Matt Raymond February 19, 2013
On music charts, the most impressive hip-hop album of the last five years hardly made a splash. Rolling Stone gave it a modest three and a half out of five stars. It appeared fleetingly, arriving unheralded and departing quietly like a specter in the mainstream consciousness.

Dilla Day and Detroit’s Rap Revolution

Matt Raymond February 12, 2013

Last Sunday, Feb. 10 was Dilla Day in Detroit.  Hip-hop fans poured into the Filmore and they didn't leave until after 2 AM.  Brooklyn hip-hop icon Talib Kweli and Detroit's own Royce da 5'9" were the...

Kendrick Lamar Demands Trust in Good Kid, m.A.A.d City

Kendrick Lamar Demands Trust in “Good Kid, m.A.A.d City”

Matt Raymond January 31, 2013

Good Kid, m.A.A.d City represents Compton, but its aesthetic and mood have little to do with G-Funk. The glorified luster of gang life is absent from Kendrick Lamar's first major-label album; the lyrics...

Local performers get stage time at cantina

Hannah Bartman September 27, 2012

Strolling down Main Street and looking in the quaint boutiques of Walla Walla, one would be surprised to find out that there are battles raging just a mile from the Whitman College campus. However, these...

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