KWCW Show of the Week


Megan Hearst

For seven semesters, seniors Emma Cotter and Karen Vezie have been broadcasting “Aquamira” with a mission to “purify your minds with music.” The show broadcasts a variety of music from all around the world, exploring a broad range of themes and genres all in one two hour package at 8-10 a.m. Mondays.

The word “aquamira” has been a part of Cotter’s and Vezie’s friendship since the beginning. The duo met on a Scramble backpacking trip their first year, where they used Aquamira water treatment drops. “The K-Dub application was the first week of school,” says Cotter, “[we] had known each other for two weeks, and we thought oh! Aquamira.”

“Oh it’s such a terrible name, we’ll think of something later,” Vezie said. They never did. Three years on “Aquamira” remains, but Cotter says “now when I hear it, I just completely associate it with our show.”

“Aquamira” does not adhere to a specific genre, but plays upon the tastes of its hosts. “If we had to define the genre, it would be indie”, Cotter says. “Indie is an umbrella term for a lot of different kinds of music.”

The word “Indie” is a loose term for all varieties of music, pop, rock, hip-hop, and electronica, to name a few. The goal is to play new and interesting music, “it’s really fun to try new bands and discover new music,” Vezie says. There’s only one rule for “Aquamira,” they play “anything you can jam to, anything with a good melody and a beat,” Cotter says.

Aquamira has changed over seven semesters, due to shifts in broadcast time and the pair’s tastes. “We first bonded over British music,” says Vizie, who’s originally from the U.K. “I went though a huge Brit-pop phase,” Cotter says. Tastes have shifted over the years, including a high energy hip hop phase in their sophomore year, although this semester due to the morning time slot, the music has slowed down substantially.

One thing has always united the show is the bond the two share. “We just stick with it,” says Cotter, “it’s the thing we do, it’s part of our friendship.”

Photo by Missy Gerlach