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Dear Mom Column

Illustration by Meg Cuca

Mom, Advice Columnist

September 29, 2016

Do you miss your mom when you’re at Whitman? Or do you just wish you had a mom at school? Someone who was here to answer your questions and offer you advice? Are there some questions you just can’t ask her? Well that’s where we come in. The Wire is now bringing you an advice column of your very own — ...

It’s okay to ask for help sometimes

Illustration by Meg Cuca

Alya Bohr

September 22, 2016

I hate asking for help. Seriously, it’s the worst. If I ever happen to think that I might need to lean on someone, my brain quickly takes care of that nasty little impulse by gently reminding me that asking for help makes me ridiculously weak, stupid and worse than everyone else at Whitman–pr...

Help Birkenstock the Marginally Less Fortunate

Trevor Lewis, staff writer

February 4, 2016

Did you know that somewhere on a liberal arts college campus every day, a hipster is forced to decide between donning the footwear of his choice and purchasing yet another pair of electric blue corduroy pants? This is not the America I want to live in. We here at Whitman’s newest social activism group, ...

Holiday Techie Tips

Elena Aragon

December 8, 2011

Q: DEAR TECHIE, I have a problem. My fingers can't seem to stop touching the glossy screen of my brand-spanking-new fresh iPhone 4. It's all I can do to break my gaze away from my new baby for any reason whatsoever. How can I fix this? A: DEAR OBSESSED WITH MATERIAL OBJECTS, Wow, can you say first wor...

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