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Nobody in politics class sure how to pronounce “hegemony”

Jeffrey Gustaveson, staff writer

October 5, 2016

EVERYWHERE IN MAXEY --  Releasing one enormous, resigned sigh as class discussion turned to the concept of hegemony, members of POL-130 collectively buckled-up for what was sure to be 40 grueling minutes of wild guesses as to the pronunciation of the key conceptual term. “If I’m being honest, d...

Hillary’s Femdom Does Not Merit a Vote

Katy Wills, Columnist

April 28, 2016

Clinton’s identity as a woman does not stand as a legitimate reason to elect her president of the United States, but it’s the reason many feminists do stand by.

In Opposition to Beats Radio

Benjamin Shoemake, Columnist

October 28, 2015

We need to stop forcing American products, the English language, and US culture onto the rest of the world, and start creating new technologies that allow us to better hear what is being said in response.

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