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Pretentious Student Overly Proud of Guatemala Spring Break Service Trip

Ben Freedman, humor editor

April 7, 2016

Intent on venturing abroad during break while still helping out the less fortunate, first-year Brian Saunders selflessly spent his Spring Break painting doors throughout rural southeastern Guatemala. Having turned down tantalizing offers from friends to go to Cabo or Miami, Saunders is satisfied with...

Class of 2014 Future Plans Profiles

Class of 2014 Future Plans Profiles

Andy Monserud

May 15, 2014

By the time they move their tassels, many Whitman seniors-turned-graduates will have already determined what they will be doing once they leave Walla Walla. The Pioneer spoke with three students about their future plans and where life after Whitman will take them.  Jeremy Schofield "I'll be going to Yale Uni...

Budget Turmoil Risks Cutting Aid Partnership in Guatemala

Budget Turmoil Risks Cutting Aid Partnership in Guatemala

Lachlan Johnson

October 31, 2013

Every summer Whitman Direct Action (WDA) travels to Guatemala to research economic development and humanitarian aid, but this tradition may soon come to an end. Ambivalence from members of the ASWC Finance Committee left WDA questioning whether they can count on any support and wondering how to f...

Rigoberta Menchu Opens Power and Privilege Symposium

Rigoberta Menchu Opens Power and Privilege Symposium

Sarah Cornett

March 27, 2013

"The first thing I did today was greet my ancestors." Rigoberta Menchu began her talk last Wednesday night, March 27 with these words, building on the theme of gratitude and identity as the evening went on.  The Nobel Laureate was the keynote speaker of the ASWC sponsored Power and Privilege Symposium. A Guatemalan human rights activist, Menchu concluded her visit to...

Development Work Must Focus on Community Needs

Anna Murveit and Sean McNulty examine a map showing contamination of household wells in Willywood.  Contributed by the WDA team.

August 23, 2012

This article was co-written by Sean McNulty '14 and Daniel Swain '13. Descending to Guatemala's Pacific coast feels like stepping slowly into a sauna. As the air heats up and becomes heavy with moisture, the land flattens and the crops grow tall until the only perspective available is directly down the road you travel. Our bus, spewing diesel exha...

Our privilege goes beyond our skin color

April 26, 2012

This piece was contributed by Marcial Diaz '13 I am a student from Guatemala City who came to the United States to get my college degree. Yet when asked to reflect from the outside on white privilege at Whitman, I felt like I was not in the right position to do it––even if I am international and,...

WDA’s funding reminds Whitman students of available resources

April 5, 2012

This column was authored by junior Anna Murveit with sophomore Sean McNulty contributing. Last Sunday, the ASWC senate approved a nearly $8,000 funding request for Whitman Direct Action's annual two-month summer trip to a rural village, Willywood, Guatemala. It wasn't an easy sell––these funds a...

Curt Bowen ’08 speaks about Semilla Nueva, non-profit work

Dylan Tull

December 8, 2011

Whitman alumni Curt Bowen '08 and Joseph Bornstein '08 work with farmers in rural communities in Guatemala, one of the most malnourished countries in Central America, and in three short years built from the ground up a successful non-profit organization called Semilla Nueva. Bowen and Bornstein, executive di...

WDA summer trip to Guatemala builds trust, gathers info

Contributed by: Monica Simmons

Rose Woodbury

September 15, 2011

The term "sustainable development" is associated with words such as volunteerism, service and internationalism.   This summer, five Whitman students worked to understand the difference between these abstract words and their real-life application. Whitman Direct Action (WDA) sent sophomores S...

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