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Pio Columnist Confesses Publicly That He Joined Staff Just to Make a Joke About Jenkem

Matt Raymond

January 24, 2013

In a truly disgusting public interview with Whitman professor Chopra Winfrey, Pioneer humor and sports writer Tristan Gavin confessed freely that his reason for joining the staff of Whitman's newspaper was to "try to make a joke about jenkem." Gavin admitted that he "discovered" jenkem, a hallucinogenic i...

Gotta love a big block of cheese

Liz Forsyth

November 17, 2009

Big Block of Cheese Day was by all accounts a success, especially when measured by the cheese. By 6:30 p.m., the block of sage white cheddar cheese had been whittled down to a small cube, while senior ASWC President Nadim Damluji and senior ASWC Student Affairs Chair Jordan Clark sat happily in the...

ASWC town hall draws student input

Credit: Hubanks

Liz Forsyth

October 29, 2009

Senior Will Canine, student advocacy chair for ASWC, could not have been happier. "That's student input right there," he said as he held up a stack of responses to the Whitman policies that were discussed at the ASWC Town Hall last Thursday, Oct. 22. A "ballot" was offered to the more than 5...

Student input essential for Thursday’s ASWC Town Hall

Letter to the Editor

October 22, 2009

Editor, This semester, ASWC representatives will make important decisions that effect students' Whitman experience. ASWC reps need to hear from students at the Town Hall this Thursday at 7 in the Reid Ballroom!

 The Town Hall is an open forum for all Whitman students, and one ...

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