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Cold weather attributed to God, not climate change

Rachel Husband, teehee girl April 21, 2022

The strange weather of this past weekend has been attributed to the presence of God in the greater Walla Walla region. Snow, hail, sunshine and rain have been spotted on Whitman campus within a 24 hour...

Wolves Successfully Observe Sabbath, Crush Heathens

Austin Biehl, staff writer April 28, 2016

Last Saturday the WWU Wolves faced off against the Whitman Missionaries in a Club Volleyball match that once again proved the necessity of the #prayforwhitman campaign so generously instigated by the WWU...

God kinda busy right now, so hold on just a sec

Jeffrey Gustaveson, staff writer April 28, 2016

According to reports, God (of Heavenly Father fame), is kinda busy right now, so you’re just gonna have to hold on for a couple of minutes, ok? Telling reporters that the number of prayers he’s received...

Include Christians in diversity conversation

Christopher Hankin February 19, 2015

The class of 2018 has entered Whitman amid backlash at the school for a lack of diversity, both racial and economic. The student body expressed its dissatisfaction with admissions policies by staging protests...

Freshman Males Claim to Enjoy Sex

Freshman Males Claim to Enjoy Sex

Kyle Seasly November 29, 2012

In a recent survey conducted by ASWC, it seems freshman males are overwhelmingly enjoying the act of coitus. "I came into college not having much experience, ya know, in the bathroom. I mean bedroom,"...

Credit: Cade Beck

Preacher-turned-atheist Dan Barker raises questions of religion, ethics

Alex Hagen November 17, 2011

On Saturday, Nov. 12, outspoken atheist Dan Barker gave an extensive, thought-provoking presentation on religion and ethics in contemporary America. Barker, who worked as an evangelical preacher for...

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