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Whitman Vampires Speak Out

Winston Weigand, Pokémon Trainer

April 13, 2017

For many first and second-year vampires, living on the Whitman College campus is no easy feat. To begin with, most dorm rooms are not appropriately furnished with adult-sized coffins (a few rooms in North Hall being the exception). Moreover, some vampires who have been alive for many centuries often...

Savory holiday treat: rosemary garlic spread with gorgonzola

Ellie Newell

December 13, 2011

My family has a thing about garlic. I don't just mean that we use garlic often. I mean that, for my typical birthday dinner, we use about three heads of garlic for three people. A few years ago my family made one of our favorite dishes for Christmas Eve dinner. This dish involves consuming entire...

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