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New Orientation Prepares Incoming FGWC Students

Andy Monserud

September 10, 2015

Whitman held a special orientation for first-generation and working class (FGWC) students on the week of July 11-15. 32 first-year FGWC students were given a week on campus to take sample classes from Whitman professors and gain an understanding of the on-campus resources available to students.

College adviser to visit campus, discuss FGWC experiences

Photo contributed by Vikki Madden.

Lane Barton

November 13, 2014

In an effort to continue discussions concerning accessibility and support for first generation and working class (FGWC) students, Whitman College will bring guest speaker Vicki Madden to campus on Nov. 17 and 18. As an instructor in New York public schools and a previous FGWC student at Barnard College, Madden has advised many FGWC students considering wh...

Invisible Category: First-Generation Students at Whitman Face Unique Challenges

Invisible Category: First-Generation Students at Whitman Face Unique Challenges

Shelly Le

May 1, 2014

"Class is invisible. You can dress and act a different way and no one would ever really know what you might be struggling with. First-generation students really are in an invisible category." As the adviser for Whitman's First Generation and Working Class Club, Professor of History Julie Charlip ...

College Provides More Support For FGWC Students

Drew Edmonds

May 1, 2014

Shelly Le contributed additional reporting. While most Whitman College students come from upper and middle class families where at least one parent has graduated from college, a growing population of first-generation college students attends Whitman. The current first-year class has the largest number o...

Financial Aid Presents Struggle, Opportunity for FGWC Students

Financial Aid Presents Struggle, Opportunity for FGWC Students

Emily Lin-Jones

May 1, 2014

Shelly Le contributed additional reporting. For students from lower-income backgrounds, financial aid is often a critical part of their decision to attend Whitman––but navigating the ups and downs of financial aid from semester to semester can pose a significant challenge, even with supp...

Faculty Embrace First-Generation Safe Zone Posters

Faculty Embrace First-Generation Safe Zone Posters

Helen Angell

February 27, 2014

First-generation and working-class students face unique challenges on the Whitman campus, and a new FGWC safe zone poster has been designed to help students recognize faculty who also identify as first generation or working class. These professors often act as unofficial mentors for FGWC students at Whitm...

Club Latino members attend Harvard conference

Emily Lin-Jones

April 19, 2012

Four members of Whitman's Club Latino traveled across the country to attend the 15thannual Harvard Latino Law, Policy and Business Conference in Cambridge, Mass. last Friday, April 13. The conference spanned four days, bringing together Latino students and prominent Latino professionals from around the United States. Alumnus Pedro Galvao '10 helped organize this year's conference around the theme of "The Rising Latino: ...

Students unsure about new loan plan

Ilustration by Peterson

Emily Lin-Jones

November 17, 2011

President Obama's new plan to ease the burden of student loans may give some hope to eligible Whitman students and thousands of other indebted college students nationwide. The plan will go into effect in January 2012, lowering monthly payments and allowing students to consolidate their federal lo...

Professors tackle “Class Warfare” for FGWC

Credit: Faith Bernstein

Emily Lin-Jones

October 20, 2011

Skotheim Chair of History David Schmitz and Professor of Politics and Paul Chair of Political Science Paul Apostolidis spoke to a nearly full house in Olin 130 on Sept. 13 on the topic of "Class Inequalities and Class Warfare." The panel was sponsored by First Generation/Working Class Whitman Students...

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