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Disparities in Study Abroad

Sarah Cornett

January 29, 2015

Anyone who's studied abroad knows that the pool typically doesn't represent the average American college student population. Many programs abroad attract students with a fairly consistent background––most typically white, female, and middle/upper-middle class. Statistically speaking, not unlike Whitman...

That Guy Who Went to Seoul

Sarah Cornett

January 29, 2015

Article by  Allie Donahue "I don't want to be that guy," said Sam Curtis, junior BBMB major, and recent graduate of the Seoul, South Korea program with the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). "I don't want to be that guy who starts every sentence with ‘When I was abroad...'...

Holiday volunteer opportunities through the SEC

Audrey Kelly

December 11, 2014

Adopting a family sounds like a difficult task, but it doesn't take much to provide a family with a more cheerful holiday season. Abby Juhasz, the community service coordinator in the Student Engagement Center, facilitates the Adopt-a-Family program every winter. Whitman students, faculty and staff...

The Art of Listening: Peer Listeners offer chance to learn what it means to listen

Kamna Shastri

November 20, 2014

"Can you envision a society where people don't listen? What would happen?" -Michelle Janning, Professor of Sociology From sun-up till lights out on campus, students are talking and exchanging ideas in class, one voice followed by another. In the moments between classes we compare hours of lost ...

Glean Team and Organic Garden help fight hunger in community

Glean Team and Organic Garden help fight hunger in community

Martina Pansze

October 23, 2014

With boxes picked of deformed fruit and baskets of free vegetables, Whitman Glean Team and Organic Garden are doing their best to help the Walla Walla community's food insecurity issues. Gleaning is the act of collecting leftover produce from farmers after a harvest. The club picks (or "gleans") the ...

Visiting Professors Balance Uncertainty, Passion

Visiting Professors Balance Uncertainty, Passion

Andy Monserud

February 13, 2014

Among the various types of faculty on the Whitman campus, the visiting professor holds an unusual place.  Though most stay for only one year, there always seem to be plenty around.  As a result, the visiting professor presents something of a mystery to Whitman College students. Why are there so many?...

Long-Distance Cyclists of Whitman

Long-Distance Cyclists of Whitman

Isabel Mills

October 10, 2013

Most people are aware of Whitman's impressive cycling team. Lesser known are the handful of students, unaffiliated with the team, who have completed some pretty remarkable rides. In the past two years, three Whitman students started the school year off with a bang by riding their bikes from the...

Outside the Bubble: A Look at Summer Internships

Karah Kemmerly

September 12, 2013

Whitman students have a variety of opportunities to choose from while making plans for the summer. This week, The Pioneer takes a look at the costs and benefits of summer internships across the country.

Profile: Gabe Kiefel, Security Guard and Whitman Alum

Emily Williams

May 2, 2013

It is not unusual for Gabe Kiefel to receive individual concerts from music students on the job. Keifel believes that he has received more individual concerts than anyone he knows. Kiefel, a Whitman security guard and alumni, always takes the time to listen to students eager to preform their music because...

Students find freedom through cars

Emily Williams

April 4, 2013

Senior Shannon McCarty is very accustomed to the 274 mile trek from Walla Walla to Seattle. She has been driving to and from school since the second semester of her sophomore year, filling her big SUV with other Seattle bound friends, some extra gas money and a lot of luggage. McCarty decided to bring...

Students Sense Hazard in Social Media Outlets

Emily Williams

March 7, 2013

The quiet room echoes with the soft sound of many busy fingers on keyboards, but among the rows of students hard at work, a few students surreptitiously check their notifications, while others respond to a chat with a friend from home while working on as essay. Facebook is a study break, a distraction,...

Off-Campus Houses Given Names for Both Obvious Characteristics, Inside Humor

The inside of the Barn

Emily Williams

February 21, 2013

Whitman is a college with colorfully named houses. Sometimes those house names are based on inside jokes, puns and strange intricacies about the house. Other times, the reason for the name is staring the viewer right in the face. Many house names change with the residents, but other names are founded...

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