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Hummus Hummus Now Serving Walla Walla

Hummus Hummus Now Serving Walla Walla

Will Booth, Staff Reporter

November 9, 2018

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The Beginning of Hummus Hummus   There is a new way to indulge in everyone’s favorite spread as Hummus Hummus — the newest addition to the fantastic Walla Walla food scene — has arrived to the Gut Grub Lot on 509 E Main Street with plenty of fresh chickpeas and tahini.   Th...

Falafel Brothels, Man, That’s Where It’s At

Rebecca Gluck, Mother Glucker

April 12, 2018

Filed under Humor

Since manufacturers recalled the Easy-Bake Oven, humans have been searching for something to replace the hole in their hearts that they thought could only be filled by pink baking racks and rock-hard muffins. They thought they found it in Silly Bandz, but the satisfaction of having random shapes cut off...

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