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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
Whitman news since 1896

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Illustration by Edyn Parsell

Celebrating Valentine’s with Condom Bouquets

Meghan Kearney, Whitman’s Condom Dealer February 15, 2024

This Valentine’s Day, Whitman wasn’t just being safe in the bedroom, but out in the environment. Condom Bouquets, paper flowers, adorned with condoms and dental dams and crafted with meticulous care...

Portrait of Juliana Matz by Caroline Ashford Arya.

Whitman Students Pursue Internships in Walla Walla

Kate Grumbles October 13, 2016

While many Whitman students choose to look out of state or out of town for internships and job opportunities, there are a few students choosing to stay right here in Walla Walla. Four Whitman students...

Lyons’ music entertains, educates

James Kennedy October 3, 2014

A musician with a message, Dana Lyons has been combining environmental activism with folk and alternative rock since the 1980s. Most well-known for his hit song "Cows with Guns," Lyons will be performing...

What Type Of Green Fits Your Personality?

Elena Aragon April 1, 2014
Figure out what type of green YOU are.

International Community Should Support Wind Power

Dani Hupper November 14, 2013
The merits of today’s energy sources are all relative. As there is no completely pollutant-free way to harness energy, we are forced to pick the lesser of many evils. And with a few practical technological advancements, wind power could put us on the track to a future in renewable energy.
Thorndike organized this project.

Whitman Alumni Find Environmentalist Views Evolving

Sam Chapman May 13, 2013
Environmental issues are a prominent concern amongst Whitman activists, yet many claim that their youthful idealism dies out once faced with the 'real world.' Here, the Circuit catches up with four environmentally-minded alumnae to see how post-grad life has affected their environmental vision.

Divestment March Turns Up Heat

Lachlan Johnson April 30, 2013
After listening to a speech by founder of the 350.org organization Bill McKibben, over 200 members of the Whitman community marched around campus chanting slogans in favor of divesting the college's endowment from fossil fuels. The largest event held so far by Whitman’s divestment movement, the march energized supporters of the movement and built upon momentum the movement has built over the semester.

Individual Blame Won’t Address Environmental Problems

Sam Chapman April 25, 2013
The Earth does not need saving, we do, and we must adjust our activism accordingly.

Divestment Should Be More than Just Symbolic

April 11, 2013
Although the divestment campaign is important, we can’t afford to politely ask that everyone around us change, oil companies included, if we can’t take the first step and change ourselves.

Environmentalists Are Not All Well-Off

Sam Chapman April 4, 2013
Despite popular images of environmentalists as rich, white hippies, much of the most forward-thinking environmental activism comes from the third world and other disadvantaged communities.
Divestment About Spectacle, Not Success

Divestment About Spectacle, Not Success

Sam Chapman February 14, 2013
Even if the current campaign to divest from fossil fuels is unsuccessful in its stated goals, it will still have succeeded in making a political statement that resonates with a nation-wide project to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Address Leaves Obama Beholden to Environmentalists

Sam Chapman January 31, 2013

I skipped the broadcast of President Obama's second inaugural address in favor of reading it afterwards, so that I could better analyze its content without being distracted by the speechcraft. As an environmentalist,...

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