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Whitman unveils new Environmental Studies–Hypocrisy major to accommodate vegan, H&M-wearing students

Annelise Ellingboe, Hamburglar's Cousin

February 5, 2018

Thursday, 9 a.m.  PST Whitman College has officially unveiled its new major, Environmental Studies-Hypocrisy, in order to accommodate a growing population of ES students who wish to discuss environmental actions, but leave the solutions in the classroom. Sarah, a junior who has helped pioneer the ES-H m...

Why Are You Green: Whitman Community Reflects on Environmentalism

Why Are You Green: Whitman Community Reflects on Environmentalism

Anna Zheng

April 1, 2014

It's no question that many people at Whitman are environmentally conscious of their environment and how much waste they generate. However, the question is why? The Pioneer takes a moment to ask Whitman community members to reflect on how environmentalism touches their lives. Margo Heffron, first-year P...

Biology major changes increase flexibility

Illustration: Emily Johnson

Rachel Alexander

February 16, 2012

Starting next fall, biology majors at Whitman will have a more flexible set of requirements to meet in order to receive their degrees. The changes have been made in response to rising enrollment rates at Whitman, which have saturated required biology classes and made it difficult for students to register f...

Whitman community concerned about Koch-funded lecture

Emily Lin-Jones

November 17, 2011

The conservative-allied Charles Koch Foundation and Whitman College would not normally seem an ideal pair. However, when the foundation funded a recent lecture series, this unlikely pair was brought together, resulting in mixed opinions from the Whitman community. The Classical Liberalism Lecture...

Environmentalism in Bolivia close to home

Libby Arnosti

September 8, 2011

The first time I tried to explain what I study to a new friend in Bolivia, he laughed in my face. "An environmental studies major would die of hunger here," he snorted. It's true; the field of study that is becoming one of the most popular in the United States is virtually nonexistent in Bolivia....

Faculty and students optimistic about changes within Environmental Studies major

Credit: Markel Uriu

Karah Kemmerly

February 3, 2011

Though some have expressed frustrations with the limited courses within the environmental studies majors, students and faculty seem fairly optimistic for the future of the program. According to Don Snow, senior lecturer of environmental humanities, the department made changes to the environme...

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