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Active Bystanders

Harry Kelso, Columnist

November 9, 2017

To what extent are viewers or bystanders of injustice responsible for what they have failed to intervene in? In situations where they cannot or do not know how to help, this is an especially difficult question to answer. In the end, we are all human. We will find ourselves in situations where we simply...

Leslie Jamison and “The Empathy Exams” Spark Discussion on Campus

Photo by Henry Honzel

Michelle Foster, Staff Writer

September 15, 2016

Whitman’s 2016 Summer Reading text, “The Empathy Exams,” has given students much to talk about over the past few weeks. In the book, author Leslie Jamison covers a wide range of topics including her experience working as a medical actor, her thoughts on “poverty tourism,” and a glimpse into...

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