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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Local Walla Walla election updates

2022 Election Coverage Team, 2022 Election Coverage Team November 8, 2022

The Wire will be providing updates on important state measures and races, county propositions races and legislative district elections. We will be using data provided by Walla Walla County and the Walla...

Photo contributed by Eyleen Menchu Tuy.

Walla Walla prepares for two important local elections this November

Abby Malzewski, News Editor October 21, 2021

Local election candidates and their platforms were introduced at virtual candidate forums. The Walla Walla city council election forum was held on Tuesday, Oct. 5 at 6:30 p.m. and the school district election...

What this record-breaking election can tell us

Ava Liponis, Columnist November 12, 2020

The 2020 election is finally over and broke quite a few records. Voters set a new record for early votes, casting 101 million pre-election ballots. This figure is roughly twice as high as the number of...

Photo contributed by Perry Dozier.

Republicans sweep Washington’s 16th Legislative District

Sean Gannon, News Editor November 5, 2020

Three Republicans — Perry Dozier, Mark Klicker and Skyler Rude — will represent Washington’s 16th Legislative District in the state Legislature in Olympia.  The district covers all of Walla Walla...

Lily Parker, a candidate for ASWC President, speaking at the ASWC Candidate Election Forum

ASWC Election Forum Centers on Communication, Budget

Christy Carley, News Editor April 5, 2018

Candidates for ASWC’s Executive Council gathered Wednesday, April 4 at a public forum to announce their platforms and field questions from the Oversight Committee, represented by Jeanette Schwensen ‘18...

Illustration by Haley King

Democrats Must Change to Succeed

Harry Kelso, Columnist January 25, 2018

The last time we had a national election in 2016, the Whitman campus was in disarray. It is now 2018, and the political world is in disarray about whether or not the Democratic Party will control the House...

ASWC Begins Election Season

Andrew, Schwartz April 6, 2017

ASWC will hold elections for positions on the executive council beginning April 9 and ending at 8 p.m. on April 10. The council consists of four members: President, Vice President, Finance Chair and Nominations...

Reexamine the Electoral College

Cyril Burchenal, Columnist November 17, 2016

Few would contest that the 2016 presidential election was a shake-up. This presidential race was disquieting not only in its volatility, but also in the manner in which it ended. Nearly every pollster...

Top 8 Reasons People Didn’t Vote This Election Season

Jeffrey Gustaveson, Humor Writer November 17, 2016

Close to 43 percent of eligible voters did not cast a ballot during last week’s election. Obviously, those 95 million fully-fledged adults must have had good reason to stay home, right? Sure enough,...

Nate Silver Seeks Foreign Asylum

Megumi Rierson, Humor Writer November 17, 2016

Nate Silver, the man who was right about everything until he wasn’t, is reportedly seeking foreign asylum after angry mobs of Subaru Foresters arrived at his house to protest the rigged election results...

Illustration by Meg Cuca

Accepting the Election

Alya Bohr, Columnist November 12, 2016

Some things cannot be made sense of. Or, if there is any sense to be made, it is fractured, messy and incomplete. That’s how this post-election period feels. Yes, perhaps it’s true that the results...

Missed opportunities for American Libertarians

Cyril Burchenal, Columnist October 5, 2016

Much of the public discourse in this election suggests that Republicans have suffered the most in this election cycle. Their reputation as the “responsible” party has been vandalized both domestically...

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