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Don’t do drugs, kids

Mat Chapin, Columnist October 24, 2019

Like it or not, students try drugs. For lots of teenagers, it seems like a natural part of growing up. You start drinking, maybe you smoke a little weed, then one of your friends offers you something stronger....

Heartbreak, Ghosts and Reverse Chronology: the Incredible Literary Achievement of ‘Undun’

Matt Raymond February 19, 2013

On music charts, the most impressive hip-hop album of the last five years hardly made a splash. Rolling Stone gave it a modest three and a half out of five stars. It appeared fleetingly, arriving unheralded...

Arnolds Back in The Last Stand

Arnold’s Back in “The Last Stand”

Nathan Fisher January 24, 2013

After the break, I wanted to start off the new year with a bang. Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the big screen as the sheriff in "The Last Stand" seemed like a good bet. Unfortunately, the Governator's...

Wreck-It Ralph and Flight Make for Unlikely, Enjoyable Double Feature

“Wreck-It Ralph” and “Flight” Make for Unlikely, Enjoyable Double Feature

Nathan Fisher November 8, 2012

Two new releases caught my eye this week, "Wreck-It Ralph" and "Flight," and because I thoroughly enjoyed both of these polar opposite movies, I'm writing a twofer this week. Enjoy! First up, "Wreck-It...

Credit: Catie Bergman

Writing their own prescription: Whitman students abuse Adderall to tackle workload

Shelly Le February 23, 2012

Scholastic pressure at Whitman can be tremendous, especially as midterms approach and the end of the semester looms ahead. Some students turn to using Adderall without a prescription to help them manage...

Whitman students list recreation, curiosity as top reasons for drug use

helenjenne October 14, 2009

In a campus-wide survey conducted by The Pioneer, 69 of the 100 student polled have used illegal drugs, and 67 of those students, about 97 percent, cited social aspects and entertainment as their reasons...

Credit: Alden

Whitties after dark, Whitman’s drug scene

Hanna Ory October 14, 2009

Many students have tried them, some are repulsed by them and a few are hooked. No matter what one's opinion is on the topic of illegal drugs, it's no secret that they play an integral role in the health...

Whitman college drug use by the numbers

Hanna Ory October 14, 2009

Data collected from the first 100 responses of a campus-wide mail survey. By the numbers 80% of students surveyed believe that Whitman has a drug scene. 42% of students surveyed believe that drugs...

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