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Don’t believe Trump’s Biden-Ukraine smear

Sean Gannon, Columnist

October 19, 2019

When it comes to weaponizing misinformation for political gain, Donald Trump is a talented man. Just ask Hillary Clinton. Trump capitalized on her sloppiness with her private email server, hammering in the “but Hillary’s emails...” exaggerations and lies until a majority of Americans thought s...

Schmitz Gives Last Speech of 35-Year Tenure

Tywen Kelly, Publisher

May 3, 2018

On Tuesday May 1, David Schmitz, the Robert Allen Skotheim Chair of History, delivered a talk titled, “Assessing President Trump’s Foreign Policy: America First versus American Internationalism.” Schmitz lectured about Trump’s ostensible lack of a foreign policy in Maxey Auditorium for 20 minute...

Trump Lashes Out Against Athletic Protests

Trump Lashes Out Against Athletic Protests

Mario Santos-Davidson, Sports Writer

October 4, 2017

The world is fed up, and the sports world is catching up. Donald Trump’s repeated message of racial intolerance is infuriating a large portion of the population, and athletes are using their public platform to take a stand. The protests began last season, when then San Francisco 49ers quarterback,...

Trump’s Climate Change Challenge

Trump’s Climate Change Challenge

Jack Fleming, Columnist

September 10, 2017

American political leaders are typically swept into office on a tidal wave of partisan fervor driven by their own campaign rhetoric. This was especially true in the 2016 election; the partisan lines drawn during the rancorous and divisive campaign season were impossible to ignore. But after the dust s...

French Election Signals Danger

Rina Cakrani, Columnist

May 4, 2017

If you have ever wondered what the female version of Trump would be like, the answer is Marine Le Penn, one of the candidates in the French presidential elections, who is now in the second and final stage against Emmanuel Macron. Many remember her for going against her father for the leadership of ...

Locking Horns with the Past

Wil Kotnik, Blogger

April 4, 2017

This has been a busy few weeks, and Trump has been attempting to assert his competence in the oval office by making true the commitments he made during his campaign. As promised, he immediately went about trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more commonly known as Obamacare. The ACA has, sinc...

Killing the Conservative Paradigm

Cyril Burchenal, Columnist

February 5, 2017

In years past, both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates have closely represented the views of their respective parties. This is no such year. The campaign promises of President Donald J. Trump show just how atypical of a Republican President he will be. The change of the Republi...

Whitman and the A.C.A.

Kate Grumbles, News Writer

January 26, 2017

While uncertainty shrouds the future of American healthcare, Whitman health services will remain largely unaffected

The Ascent of the “General’s General”

The Ascent of the “General’s General”

Marra Clay, Publisher

January 26, 2017

General who spoke at Whitman in 2015 confirmed as Defense Secretary

NAFTA: Our Favorite Scapegoat

Cyril Burchenal, Columnist

December 8, 2016

Among the institutions and agreements President elect Donald Trump has vowed to kill in his first 100 days in office, the North American Free trade Agreement may be the most costly to get rid of. Trump’s logic behind withdrawing from NAFTA is that it’s a “job killer.” The idea that NAFTA has...

Community Calls on Whitman to Become “Sanctuary Campus”

Christy Carley, News Editor

November 21, 2016

Whitman students, staff and faculty gathered at the steps of Penrose Library last Wednesday in support of a petition to designate Whitman College as a “sanctuary campus.” The gathering was part of a national day of action in which students across the country called on their schools to offer protection for undocumented students in the wake of the election of Donald Trump. Organized by th...

Accepting the Election

Alya Bohr, Columnist

November 12, 2016

Some things cannot be made sense of. Or, if there is any sense to be made, it is fractured, messy and incomplete. That’s how this post-election period feels. Yes, perhaps it’s true that the results shouldn’t have been shocking, that we should have known this deep pain and unrest existed in our...

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