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Whitman’s health services are in shambles and students are suffering

Hailey Livingston , Columnist November 18, 2021

Last week, I made my way to the health center for the first time since returning to campus. I had to get a COVID-19 test, nothing serious, just a quick in and out visit. When I got there, there was a line...

Photo provided by Gesa Powerhouse Theatre

Every Brilliant Thing Brings Real-life Issues to the Stage

Afton Weaver, Staff Reporter October 4, 2017
The play "Every Brilliant Thing" addressed issues relevant to Walla Walla and encouraged audience participation.

In Defense of Sadness

Alya Bohr, Columnist April 28, 2016
Accepting sadness adds poignancy to life, makes us more creative, and helps us find and discover ourselves.

Those Suffering from Mental Illness Need Not Suffer Alone

February 27, 2013
Though the current “Information Age” has made communication easier and faster, our society still remains silent on some important issues, including mental illness. As a society, we focus so much on physical health, staying fit and eating a healthy diet. Yet we forget how to take care of the mind.
Illustration: Julie Peterson

Under pressure: Social pressures to overcommit affect students’ emotional well-being

Julia Stone April 12, 2012
High and varied expectations of Whitman students - from academics, to the social sphere, to pressures to be fit - can bring undue stress into Whitties' lives. Resisting the pressure to over-extend can be difficult, but ultimately leads to a much more fulfilled life.
Illustration: Julie Peterson

Gibson melts down in depressing, dark comic style

Nathan Fisher October 20, 2011
Mel Gibson's comeback film "The Beaver" careens between depressing unstability and moments of offbeat humor.
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