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A country embroiled in protests: Whitman Belarusian students face crisis over undemocratic election back home

Illustration by Kiara Paninos.
November 12, 2020

Before returning to Walla Walla for the fall semester, Whitman senior Yana Miakshyla spent three days without internet access in her home country of Belarus, starting the eve of the country’s presidential...

American Tourism in Mexico

American Tourism in Mexico
March 29, 2018

In contrast with our President, who built his campaign on building a wall, and making disparaging remarks about mexicans being ‘drug dealers, criminals, and rapists,’ thousands of American tourists,...

Global Studies Initiative Revamp Receives Faculty Approval

March 6, 2018

The Global Studies Initiative has been revamped and approved by the faculty to resume operation after parts were placed on hold for external review during the 2016-2017 academic year. Starting in the fall,...

ASWC Tables Diversity Vote

Photo by Taj Howe
November 15, 2017

ASWC has yet to make a decision on a piece of legislation that would make the Director of Diversity and Inclusion a voting member. Legislation has been drafted, support gained, but no decision has been...

Reexamine the Electoral College

November 17, 2016

Few would contest that the 2016 presidential election was a shake-up. This presidential race was disquieting not only in its volatility, but also in the manner in which it ended. Nearly every pollster...

Accepting the Election

Illustration by Meg Cuca
November 12, 2016

Some things cannot be made sense of. Or, if there is any sense to be made, it is fractured, messy and incomplete. That’s how this post-election period feels. Yes, perhaps it’s true that the results...

The slow decline of Democracy

Illustration by Taylor Penner-Ash
September 22, 2016

As of September 16, Edgar Matobato, an alleged death squad member, levelled allegations against Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte including, but not limited to, murder. This is a mere sliver of...

Proportional Distribution Needed to Fix Electoral College

November 8, 2012

If you claim you haven't had the following conversation in the past month, you're lying: You're with your friends, and the subject turns to politics. Somebody is almost certainly from California, Montana...

Security risks make web voting impossible

October 25, 2012

As the sales pitch goes, we ought to have the capability to vote online. After all, it's the 21st century. We have phones that can watch feature-length films, and there are startups that want to start...

Green Party vote not wasted

Green Party vote not wasted
October 25, 2012

I dream of an election in which the Green, Libertarian, Constitution and Justice parties are all polling around 17 percent beside the Democrat and Republican, who are doing about as well. Instead, this...

Democracy Promotion Begins at Home

October 27, 2010

The foreign policy failures of the Bush administration in Iraq and Afghanistan have made democracy promotion out of fashion. In his second inaugural address in 2004, President Bush declared that, "So it...

Compromising our political ideals

Participants at the DREAM Act rally on Tuesday night. Photo contributed by Ariel Ruiz.
September 23, 2010

Compromise is the backbone of American democracy. Only by bargaining, trading votes and at least pretending to listen to the opposing party's complaints can politicians manage to garner enough support...

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