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Are corporate monopolies killing choice?

Are corporate monopolies killing choice?

Elise Sanders, Columnist

February 20, 2020

Walk into your local Safeway and look at what’s on the shelves and in the fridges. Although there’s a large variety of foodstuffs and beverages bearing the insignia of many brands, most of these products are owned by just a few giant monopolies. Pepsi and Coca-Cola both own 69.5% of soda and soft...

American Jobs Act insufficient; more assistance urgent

Daniel Merritt

September 22, 2011

Employment has lagged behind economic recovery. We need jobs and we need them now. President Obama's recent push in Washington has been for a piece of legislation known as the American Jobs Act, a piece of legislation aimed at stimulating employment. Although the act would be an excellent step towards...

War has become business

Heather Nichols-Haining

April 8, 2010

The U.S. military is privatizing at an alarming rate. Thousands of troops are now employed by companies such as Blackwater and while many hoped that Obama would decrease this corporate-socialism at least in part, there has been a 23 percent increase in the number of private contractors working in Iraq an...

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