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Near Totality on Ankeny

Photo by Tywen Kelly

Martina Pansze, Editor-In-Chief

August 26, 2017

On August 21st, Walla Walla caught a glimpse of what has become known as “The Great American Eclipse.”

Astro class cut despite popularity

Professor Dobson (left) and Professor Paust (right)

Georgia Lyon

November 12, 2015

One of Whitman’s most in-demand courses will not be offered this spring.

A tale of small majors

Natalie Berg

February 19, 2015

Over the past 10 years, some departments at Whitman College have grown dramatically. Meanwhile, some departments are still quite small, while others are even shrinking. We took a look at some of Whitman's smallest departments in order to examine the advantages and difficulties that come with tiny class...

Drinks That Go With Your Major

Drinks That Go With Your Major

Aleida Fernandez

December 9, 2013

After a rough day in classes, it's nice to sit down with a cold drink. But what about a drink specifically tailored to your studies? After careful analysis, we have found these eight majors' next drink of choice. Psychology: Gin and Tonic Unofficial research has shown that drinking this cla...

Women in Science Panel Captivates Crowd

Women in Science Panel Captivates Crowd

Dylan Tull

November 7, 2013

A panel of five female science professors gathered for the Women in Science panel on Tuesday, Nov. 5 in order to shed light on the adversities that women face in the field of science. Led by Associate Professor of Geology Kirsten Nicolaysen, the panelists discussed their own personal experiences in their re...

Meet the Visiting Professors

Isabel Mills

September 19, 2013

This year, Whitman College is fortunate to have a great variety of visiting professors. Although they have only been here for a short time, the professors all expressed a love for the Whitman community and its students. In fact, all four professors mentioned their appreciation for the great feeling of...

Senior thesis profile: Zach Schierl

Credit: Allie Felt

Shelly Le

May 9, 2012

Major: Astronomy-Geology Thesis Title: Origin and Morphology of Sinuous Channels on Ascraeus Mons and the Surrounding Plains, Mars. "I started working on this project last summer with a research internship at Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania." "[In my thesis] we looked at channels on one of the largest volcanoes on Mars, Ascraeus Mons and we tried to figure out if thes...

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