Women’s tennis season opens

Tate Cadang, Sports Reporter

Women’s spring sports at Whitman are flying high this season, and the women’s varsity tennis team is not disappointing.

The Blues started their season out strong with two conference wins.

First-year Hannah Worden is excited about her first season here at Whitman College and understands there are expectations to meet being new to the program.

“I want to be able to play my hardest and push myself really hard because I know I can do better,” Worden said.

The conference championship is always prized among the teams in the conference, and the women’s team is working hard with eyes set on their goal.

Senior Andrea Gu adds one more objective to the team’s list of goals.

“I am most looking forward to just getting out there and enjoying every dual match and moment left of being on such a wonderful team!” Gu said. “Also getting to know all the new first years on our team and being a captain of some talented young ladies.”

As a senior, Gu intends to spend her last season enjoying the sport. The camaraderie and competition is a big part of her experience playing the sport.

“I am hoping to leave behind a good example and legacy because the team has meant so much to me these last four years so I hope I’ve made a significant enough mark to show how much I’ve appreciated everything about it,” Gu said