Students Take Exercise Study Break Downtown

Lennae Starr, Staff Reporter

Hidden between the wineries, restaurants and boutiques of downtown Walla Walla are several studios dedicated to fitness. For students interested in getting off campus and getting fit, these spaces are a great place to strengthen the mind and the body.


Senior Allison Hall has taken Jazzercise classes downtown since her first year, when her Resident Assistant introduced it to her.


They call Jazzercise a ‘dance party workout.’ The workouts are based to popular songs and mix together strength-training with weights, kickboxing, pilates, yoga and dancing. The classes are such a good workout and foster a really positive and supportive environment, while pushing you to try your best,” said Hall. “I would highly recommend it to other students who are interested in finding a new activity off-campus.”


Hall also notes that the classes are often women-only spaces.


“The classes most days are entirely women and play music that is empowering to women. My friends and I have found that we sometimes feel intimidated by more intense weight-training workouts in spaces that are usually male-dominated. It was really nice to find a space to work out and be inspired by a community of women.”


Seniors Wallis Manning and Emma Chung attend yoga classes at Revolver Yoga Studio, which was founded by a Whitman alum.


“I’ve been doing yoga for a few years now and really missed taking proper classes rather than just practicing on my own. I take them because all the instructors are amazing and really know what they’re doing. I also just love yoga and think everyone should do it. It’s great for the mind and body,” said Chung.


“It’s a great opportunity to get off campus and connect with people I might not otherwise. If you show your Whitman ID you can get a $5 drop in for any class,” said Manning.


Senior Rebecca Wertheimer has tried some of the kickboxing classes at WorthFit.


“I started taking the classes because my friends and I wanted to try something new and spend more time engaging with Walla Walla. The classes are super fun and high energy and we all spent the time laughing at ourselves and left really happy. I would definitely recommend it to other students! It is really fun and a good way to get off campus!” said Wertheimer.


In each of these disciplines, there are classes available at nearly every level. They are a great way to mix up fitness and get out of the Whitman bubble.


*Emma Chung is an A&E Editor for The Wire.