Delta Gamma’s 2019 Annual Anchor Slam

Lennae Starr, Staff Reporter

Delta Gamma recently hosted its annual Anchor Slam fundraiser, a 3v3 amateur basketball tournament and knock-out competition. Teams of all skill levels were welcomed, and all tournament fees were split between the Delta Gamma Foundation and their philanthropy, Service for Sight.


The event fit nicely into Delta Gamma’s motto, “Do Good.”


Every year, each chapter of Delta Gamma across the country puts on an event to raise money for our philanthropy. Anchor Slam is one of the more popular events among our chapters,” said Quinne Woolley, one of the 2019 event directors. “My favorite part of Anchor Slam is the first round of the basketball tournament. There are so many games being played all at once, and it is really great to see how many people signed up to come play.”


“Our chapter has been working with the United Blind of Walla Walla (UBWW) for many years, so we usually donate to their organization. The UBWW has impacted the Walla Walla community greatly by working to improve public transit in the city for those who are blind or visually impaired, among many other important projects,” she added.


The money that went into the Delta Gamma Foundation will be used to do more good, returning in the form of scholarships for sorority members and alumni.


Service for sight seems like a good cause. [We’re] happy the funds went to a deserving organization,” said Wes Johnston and Alex Korman.


Johnston and Korman’s team of three won the tournament, along with Jackson Wade.


In addition to benefiting a good cause, the event also provided a unique opportunity to connect basketball lovers across campus.


“There are not many opportunities for non-varsity basketball players to compete in an organized and competitive environment. Anchor Slam was a good chance to face-off against other players in the Whitman community,” added Johnston and Korman. “[We] felt like we had one of the most talented teams going into the tournament.”


The event raised $1,230.00 through its online campaign, on top of all the team entry fees.


Though Whitman has to wait another year for the next Anchor Slam, it’s never too early to start honing basketball skills.


For those who wish to “Do Good,” the Delta Gamma Foundation and Service for Sight are always accepting donations. To learn more about what the Service for Sight does, check out Delta Gamma’s official website.