IM Spring Seasons Begin

Susanna Williams, Staff Reporter

As the snowpocalypse melts and warmer Walla Walla weather is upon us, three of our intramural sports begin their seasons; softball begins April 1, with ultimate frisbee and volleyball both beginning April 4. This week, The Wire spoke with Ethan Phillips, a senior double majoring in Economics and History, to talk about his hopes for the spring intramural seasons and his reasons for playing intramural sports.

Phillips developed an interest in getting involved in IM sports at Whitman during his first year. Phillips continues to play intramural sports as a senior, specifically those which occur in the spring, because of the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the warm Walla Walla weather.

“It is an opportunity to have fun with my friends and a way to be athletic without dedicating my life to it… It’s also an opportunity to go outside… after dealing with the snow all winter,” Phillips said. 

In addition to academics, other extracurriculars and playing on several intramural teams, Phillips is also a member of the IM Committee.

“After getting the job, it has been a great opportunity to help the Whitman community through planning low pressure sports for people to enjoy,” said Phillips. 

In regards to goals for the spring season, Ethan has a couple of personal goals related to his role on the IM Committee. Phillips is specifically focused on recruitment and retainment of players.

“… get as many people involved in IM sports as possible and for them each to get what they want out of the season.”

Team registration closes on April 3 at 11:59 pm. Staff, faculty and current students are all welcome to join. For more information on how to register, please visit: