Rams fall to the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII

Illustration by Nathaly Perez

Illustration by Nathaly Perez

Lennae Starr, Staff Reporter

The Los Angeles Rams lost 3-13 against the New England Patriots and famous quarterback Tom Brady, who made history with a stunning six career Super Bowl wins — as well as being the oldest quarterback to win the coveted championship ring.

Illustration by Nathaly Perez


Besides a legacy of broken records and Super Bowl wins, the Patriots also have an alleged history of cheating.


Before the infamous “deflategate” in which Brady was accused of tampering with and deflating the footballs used in the 2015 AFC championship against the Indianapolis Colts, a Patriots employee was caught filming the New York Jets’ defensive signals during a 2007 game. The controversy was known as “spygate” and many NFL fans still hold a grudge against the team and their manager Bill Belichick, who ordered the recording.


Despite the controversies, the team has some very loyal fans around the country.


It’s always interesting to be a Pats fan because most of the world hates them,” said junior Natalie Whitesel. “This year (and every year) I was rooting for the New England Patriots because they are my favorite team. My mom grew up in New England and raised me as a Pats fan since I was little and it just stuck. The Patriots are also just a great team who [have] created a legacy of greatness in the NFL.”


Many people also met the national sporting event with indifference.


“It was kind of boring but then again I don’t understand how football works,” said sophomore Matthew Dahlstrom. “I feel as though the athletes could have ran faster and thrown the pigskin better. [But] this year I was not rooting for anyone.”


Others’ interest in the game is dependent on which teams are playing.


“My engagement with the Super Bowl really depends on who is playing. If we have a significant attachment to either team, then we might host a party, but some years I don’t watch it at all,” revealed President Kathy Murray, who used this year’s snail-paced game as background noise. “This year I was rooting for the Rams, mostly because I wanted the underdog to win. I don’t really have any attachment to the Rams,” she added.


With what’s been dubbed the lowest scoring Super Bowl wrapping up the season, football fans will have to wait until September for the next official NFL match.